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What VizGate is all about

Multiple companies have learned that even in agile scenarios, the use of formal product development processes is still a major success factor.

Empirical studies and industry experience have shown that the use of formal product development processes has a significant effect on success.

Such processes provide a common ground for people in product development helping them to communicate and to collaborate in an efficient and effective manner.

VizGate is a tool that helps you to get the most out of your processes — it maximizes their diffusion: your staff can use your organization’s processes wherever and whenever.

Licensing & Consulting

VizGate is available as a licensable software. It is highly customizable according to your needs (e.g. in terms of your corporate identity and branding). You can deploy your own processes and glossaries using a simple syntax. We also provide customizing services to our clients as well as modeling and process reeingineering consulting.

We love product development and software

VizGate is made by a group of product development and software engineering enthusiasts. VizGate's high maturity is proven by the fact, that we already serve big players in the automotive industry. In order to deliver highly integrated solutions for our customers, we also partner with other exciting companies, e.g. collaboration Factory AG. We aim to provide a high-end user experience with all our efforts.

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